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Nick Whalen
The Vault: Don’t Count out Luke Falk

Luke Falk was Nick Whalen’s #5 QB in the 2018 NFL Draft Class.
Now he has a chance to start for the Fins.

Mar 16th

With Ryan Tannehill being traded to the Titans, the Dolphins are left with only Luke Falk and David Fales on the roster. While the Dolphins are likely to bring in additional options via the draft and/or free agency, we take a look back at Nick Whalen’s evaluation on Luke Falk ahead of last year’s draft. Falk graded out as an Andy Dalton type who has the potential to develop into a starter. Read the full scouting report below to learn why Falk isn’t a guy who should be counted out to make starts this season.

Full Scouting Report

Luke Falk regressed a bit in 2017, but still has the potential to develop into a starting quarterback in a few years time. Falk displays average to below average arm strength, but he maintains a good base in the pocket and steps into his throws to ensure he uses most of it. He is fairly accurate on short to intermediate passes between the hashes but becomes more inaccurate the further the pass. Falk shows good knowledge of his system to know where his check down options are when plays break down. He makes multiple reads and can fit the football into tight windows but does stare down reads at times, which leads to turnovers. Falk takes a little off his passes when players are open and does a solid job of working his way through the pocket to buy time for his receivers to get open. He climbs the pocket well and can also move laterally to buy time. Falk appears poised in the pocket and doesn’t get rattled easily. However, he holds onto the football too long at times and pays the price. Overall, Falk’s pocket presence is below average because even though he feels the pressure, it doesn’t speed up his internal clock enough to encourage him to get rid of the football. He takes way too many sacks and needs to learn when to throw the football away. Falk is a tough player, who will take a big hit to deliver the football. He is a below average athlete who will only scramble when forced to and when he does, it’s for very few yards.

NFL player comparison: Andy Dalton.

Fantasy Football Lens

Falk will start as a backup in the NFL but could develop into a starter. He will need a good to great supporting cast to become fantasy relevant in one-QB leagues. I estimate that Falk will get an opportunity to start at some point in his career, but likely won’t stick as a long-term option and therefore won’t be very fantasy relevant.

Insight by
Nick Whalen