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Tommy Morris
CFBALL Picks Week 9

Picks for this weekend from @RealTommyMorris

Oct 30th

Maryland (+20.5) vs. Minnesota

Maryland is coming off a thrashing at the hands of the Northwestern Wildcats. It was the first week for the Big Ten and what other conferences have shown us is that week 1 is wonky and to not trust it. The highs are too high and the lows are too low. Maryland will be a much better football team in week 2.

Georgia Tech (+20.5) vs. Notre Dame

Notre Dame has alternated between looking good and looking bad every single week. Duke (no cover) USF (cover) FSU (no cover) Louisville (no cover) Pitt (cover.) They are due for an off week.

Vanderbilt (+17) vs. Ole Miss

Vanderbilt has not played since October 10th after not having enough players due to a Covid outbreak but they should be fresh and eager to finally get to play after 3 weeks off. Ole Miss’s offense has been improved under Kiffin but they have had turnover issues and the defense has been extremely porous. Ole Miss will still win this game but it will be closer to a 10 point difference.

Virginia (+6.5) vs. North Carolina

This game was picked strictly off the amount of money put on the Tar Heels (90%!) I trust Vegas more than I trust the general population.

BYU (-28.5) vs. Western Kentucky

BYU was supposed to play one of the toughest schedules in the nation but got stuck having to reschedule to one of the easiest. The are 6-0 and out for blood. The Cougars want a Zach Wilson Heisman and a chance in the Final Four. They know they have to blow everyone out to do this. They have not pulled their starters in lopsided games before and they will continue to keep them in the rest of the year.

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Tommy Morris