FREE PREVIEW: Enjoy complementary access to Fanium’s top-quality articles and videos ahead of our paid launch.

What is Fanium?

Fanium is a premium service that provides expert-backed fantasy sports content to help you win your league. Long term, Fanium plans to release other products in the fantasy sports space.

How can I purchase The Graduates or The Devy Report?

The Graduates and Devy Report will both exclusively be a part of the Fanium monthly subscription with all of our other content! Certain content will be free ahead of the premium subscription launch as a part of our free preview.

How much does it cost to use Fanium?

Fanium has no cost during the free preview period. Fanium’s premium subscription will cost $4.99/month (annual pricing to be determined). Fanium may continue to make some content free outside of the paid subscription

How can I access the Fanium game?

A team is actively working to restore and re-launch our Fanium game. Launch announcements will be made at a later date.