NOW, Everyone CAN PLAY

You, Your Girlfriend, Dad, Mom, Friends, Dog, EVERYONE.

Changing the game this summer


Fanium brings sports, TV shows, and live events to life with the most fun fantasy game ever created. 


J. Jones


D. Hopkins

Refreshingly easy to play

Instant 1 day action

Heading out to the bar with a friend to watch the game? Quickly challenge your buddy and even put something on the line to make the game more exciting.

Pick an opponent, draft a 5 player team, and compete. The game is simple: pick the better players in 3 out of the 5 rounds to win. Rinse & Repeat.

No Season-long commitments

With Fanium you don’t need to stay committed to a fantasy league for 4+ months  out of the year. Only play when you feel like playing.

Game 7 of the NBA Finals, the Grammy Awards, and the Yankees on in the same night? Yup… our game will cover it all. Fanium gives you fantasy games based on whatever is happening now.

Invite friends to play in a few taps

Play all sports & major events

Most friend groups have some football fans but what about the people who watch the bachelor? With Fanium, we’ve got a game for everyone to compete with.

Compete for cash prizes

Every contest players will have the chance to win a cash prize by selecting the highest performing player in each of the 5 tiers.

Using the contact list on your phone, Fanium makes it easy to send a game request to anyone who’s up to the challenge.

Keep tabs on your record against every opponent you challenge. Each round the trash talk will get more fun and the battle for the championship belt will get more intense!

Ready to Dive in?

Against your Girlfriend, Dad, Mom, Friends, Dog, ANYONE.