$50 AFC Only


Grant Gurtin
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$50 to first
League Size: 5
League Type: PUBLIC
League Size: League creator is able to choose league size. Full NFL leagues can have up to 12 members. Conference NFL leagues can have up to 8 members. College leagues can have up to 6 members.

Draft: Draft order is set randomly. All drafts snake, meaning the member who picks first in round 1 will pick last in round 2.

Rounds: Each draft will have 20 rounds. Once the draft is completed, rosters are locked for the season.

Starting Lineups: Each week, scores from your best QB, RB, WR, and TE are counted toward your total. You are also awarded points from your next 4 highest scoring FLEX players (RB, WR, TE).

Scoring: Scoring system is below

  • Passing – 4 points per TD, -1 points per Interception, 20 yards per point
  • Rushing – 6 points per TD, 10 yards per point, -1 points per fumble lost
  • Receiving – 6 points per TD, 1 point per reception, 10 yards per point
  • Other - 6 points per Return TD, 6 points per Fumble Recovery TD, 2 points per 2 pt conversion
  • Fractional points are counted toward total

Private Leagues: When creating a league, you have the option to create a private league. Private leagues are only visible to users who are given the link to the league and are not visible in the league lobby to all users.