• Tommy Morris

Below Deck Sailing: Parker Isn’t The Only Baby On Board!

By Dina Zarembski

This week’s episode is giving me serious deja vu! Am I watching Below Deck Med with Adam getting jealous and possessive over Malia? Oh no, I’m just watching him get jealous and salty over another girl he JUST started dating! Everyone has exes, it's very common to have an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, especially in yachting where relationships seem to be even shorter than the charter season! So I don’t see why Adam is making such a big deal over Jenna having an ex. It is crazy that Jenna and Georgia have the same ex! That is not common at all! But, Adam still has no reason to be crying like a baby, that’s Parker's job. Talking about your ex to a new boyfriend is a big no-no, but Jenna wasn’t even the one who brought it up to Adam. Georgia realized they had the same ex and they were laughing about it, I mean talk about a small world! Adam being “sick to his stomach” and “disgusted” hearing about how they have the same ex is so dramatic! Calm down Adam, and stop being so predictable. He did the exact same thing with Malia, she was instantly his, and when she was trying to explore her feelings for someone else he freaked out! Maybe, if Adam is a little less possessive and a bit more understanding this relationship will actually last, but after seeing how emotional he got over Jenna mentioning an ex I doubt it! Adam dives deep into relationships, and when you fall hard in the yachting world it never seems to end well!

Parker, Parker, Parker, when are you going to learn?! I honestly think in Parker's mind he believes he is reacting to Paget, Jenna, and everyone on the boat in a respectful way, and that is the problem! First of all, Jenna’s breastfeeding comment was hilarious! Second, it’s clear that she was right, Parker is a bit of a baby. His feelings can’t be hurt, he can’t follow direction or authority, and when he’s mad he throws a tantrum! Sometimes the heads of the departments can be totally out of control, super bossy, and just mean, but that is not the case with Paget. I think Paget is the calmest and most fair department head I’ve ever seen on Below Deck! When Paget asked Parker to rake the beach all I saw was whining and complaining that he was asked to do something, not a “hard worker” as Parker describes himself. Parker needs to stop getting so emotional and remember it’s just a job, probably one of the coolest jobs ever! So calm down, and enjoy the fact that you get to rake rocks in one of the most beautiful places in the world!

Captain Glenn is the man! Anytime someone comes to him with a problem he is calm, cool, and collected. When Paget spoke to him about the problems with Parker he tried to fix the problem, he didn’t just tell Paget to figure it out. I think Captain Glenn needs an A+ teacher award for the conversation he had with Parker, because it was a real teaching moment. The Captain asked Parker what he could do differently in that same situation, and then gave Parker a chance to change his behavior. It’s too bad Parker still failed the test. He showed up late to watch, disrespected Paget when he was moving the tender, and threw another tantrum in front of the guests! Parker is a sweet guy when you see him with Madison, or when he talks about his family. He needs to start showing that said of himself to Captain Glenn and Paget, and hope they give him another chance!