• Tommy Morris

Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Is Adam Boyfriend Material?

By: Dina Zaremsbki

We all know Adam is pretty easy on the eyes, but other than his good looks is he boyfriend material? Let’s start with the obvious, he is an amazing chef! For most people the way to their heart is food, so give me a man who can cook and I’m in love! Adam having mad skills in the kitchen gives him a lot of points when it comes to potential boyfriend material. It’s easy to brag about a guy to your friends and family if he’s competent in the kitchen, especially because it’s so rare. It is such a turn off if the only thing a man can make in the kitchen is cereal, that’s just lame. A hot guy who can cook? 100% boyfriend material!

Another great quality Adam has is that he’s an outdoorsman. When he’s not working on yachts as a chef he’s living in his van enjoying nature. It is such a turn on if a man knows how to hunt, hike, cook, and pretty much do anything outside! Adam is very down to earth and isn’t spending his time consumed with superficial items or status like the people he cooks for. He tries to be in the moment and live life to the fullest. He has road tripped across the country multiple times, loves to travel, and loves adventure. I think that makes for a pretty good boyfriend! Dating Adam would probably never get boring since he is always on to a new destination or fun experience. Oh, and did I also mention Adam surfs? Can he get any hotter?!

Nobody’s perfect, not even Adam. We have seen some of Adam’s downfalls like how spiteful he can be when he thinks he’s right and someone else is wrong. The biggest example of this is the infamous onion soup incident. When the primary charter guest specifically requested no onions on any dish Adam completely disregarded this request. He cooked one meal with shallots as a garnish, the guest noticed the shallots, complained, and asked if Adam could please no longer cook with onions. So what does Adam do? Does he respect their request and simply leave out the one ingredient the customer asked not to eat? NOPE! Adam decided to say F-you to the guest’s request and served him a pureed onion soup! I don’t know about you, but when it comes to a relationship I need my boyfriend to respect the things I truly don’t like. Adam and the onion’s is a metaphor for Adam and his lack of respect and constant need to be right. These qualities make me think Adam might not be the best boyfriend material. Guys who are able to respect your requests and can show some give and take typically make the best boyfriends, not guys who spitefully feed you onion soup!

The final decision depends on how you feel about super sensitive guys. I’m not really a fan of guys whose feelings get hurt too easily or guys who are always jealous. However, some girls love when their boyfriend gets jealous, and they might think their sensitivity is a sign of how much they care, if that’s the case Adam is definitely the guy for you! We know he can’t stand the thought of Jenna being with anyone but him. Adam was appalled when Jenna was talking about her ex, he was sick to his stomach and stormed off whenever she brought it up. We also saw how quickly he dove into a relationship with Malia and how upset he got when she said she had feelings for Wes. The two of them had known each other for a few weeks, and Adam acted like he was losing the love of his life when Malia wanted to date other people. He was so upset over Malia he ruined multiple meals for charter guests because he was so distracted! I think it’s more attractive when a guy is confident enough to not get jealous, and doesn’t let silly things bother him. But, Adams' good looks, cooking skills, and nomad lifestyle seem to outweigh these flaws. Right now Jenna seems to think Adam is boyfriend material! Either she’ll see how his emotions tend to get the best of him, or they’ll drive off into a van sunset together and live happily ever after!