• Tommy Morris

Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Why We Love This Crew!

By: Dina Zarembski

I think this may be the first time I love the entire crew, and this honestly never happens! There is always that one person who is super mean, usually the Chief Stew or Chef, or someone who can’t do their job at all and is a complete train wreck! Now that Parker is gone, it looks like it’s smooth sailing from here on out. Who wouldn’t love Chirs, he’s funny, nice, and extremely good at his job! Chris said it himself he is nothing like most seasoned yachties, he’s positive and perky, where most are miserable and burnt out! He always has a smile on his face and seems to enjoy every aspect of yachting. Did you see how quiet he was waking up for anchor watch? Adam must be in heaven with a roommate this nice and considerate.

Who else thinks Ciara is the shiz?! I love watching her do her job well and handle everything like a champ! Even when Paget can get a little sassy or annoyed with her, she never lets it throw her off and keeps killing it. Even Chris noticed how good of a deckhand she is and how impressive it is that her and Paget are able to work on deck together. But, the real reason I love Ciara has nothing to do with her work ethic. I LOVE that this girl is not phased by Georgia at all! Georgia shamelessly flirts with Paget almost every chance she gets, and Ciara could care less. Now, if this were my boyfriend I would be pissed, and Georgia would have been off that boat the first time I saw her try and bat an eye at him! Which is why Ciara is much cooler than I am, and I am so impressed by her. Most girls get jealous all the time! Usually we’re jealous if our boyfriend even looks at another girl walking down the street, not Ciara. She has a girl throwing herself at Paget and what does she do? She says, if he wants her he can have her, that’s his loss! You go girl! At least there’s one of us who isn’t a crazy jealous psycho!

Jenna and Adam have to be grouped together because watching them as a couple makes me like them more. We know that Adam is super sensitive and love’s love no matter how much he denies it, so watching him and Jenna together is pretty cute. Jenna is an awesome Chief Stew, she runs a tight ship, but she expects a lot from her staff. Adam is also amazing at his job, there is no denying he is a great Chef. The two of them together are like a dream power couple! Even though crew relationships rarely last I’m rooting for these two, especially because if it doesn’t the whole boat is going to be affected!

Georgia has the dirtiest mind, the funniest jokes, and I love it! You can always count on her to say something inappropriate and to make you laugh. When Chris asked her out on a date Georgia’s response was; “Momma didn’t raise no quitter, I’ll give anything a go once”. She also has some pretty big balls hitting on Paget! Now, it’s one thing to hit on a guy who has a girlfriend, is it wrong yes, but it happens all the time. It takes some guts to hit on a guy whose girlfriend is literally living down the hall about 6 feet away from you! It may be messed up that Georgia tries to serenade Paget with her guitar every chance she gets, but it’s also pretty impressive that she has the nerve to do it at all!

Then there is Paget, Byron and Glenn, three guys who work hard, keep their heads down, and occasionally make a hilarious joke. One of the main reasons why I like Glenn so much is because he doesn’t micromanage, but is always there to help his crew. We’ve seen other Captains never help out if there are problems between the crew, and then we’ve seen Captains involved in every aspect of service or cooking and they are too in control. Glenn is just the right mix of the boss and a helping hand. Paget is hilarious to watch because he is digging himself the biggest grave when it comes to Ciara and Georgia. If Ciara doesn’t care about Georgia's flirting now wait until she sees it play out on TV! The king of the one liners is Byron, he’s quiet until he hits you with a joke. When he said that he didn’t even know what an influencer was, or that they made enough money just taking pictures to charter a private yacht, I was dying laughing! I love that Byron is always there for a quick laugh, and then disappears into the engine room.