• Tommy Morris

Nick's Week 8 Like or Spike



Kirk Cousins vs WAS

Cousins has been on a rampage lately. In his last three games, he has thrown 10 touchdowns and 976 passing yards. While Adam Thielen will not play this week, the Vikings play against one of the worst pass defenses in the NFL. Washington is struggling not only on defense, but also offense. Cousins is at home and on fire. Ride the hot hand.

Russell Wilson @ ATL

Last week, Wilson disappointed his FF owners with only 1 touchdown. He produced 7 combined touchdowns the previous 2 weeks. But don’t worry because he plays against the Atlanta Falcons this week. They’re the worst pass defense in the NFL and opposing QB’s have been producing great numbers. Wilson will get back on track this week.

Deshaun Watson vs OAK

Watson is a regular to this article each week and for good reason. He had 8 combined touchdowns in weeks 5 and 6. Similar to Wilson, Watson had a disappointing game last week producing only 1 touchdown. However, he also shares in the same luck by facing one of the worst pass defenses in the NFL in Oakland. Aaron Rodgers absolutely carved up that secondary and Watson gets to play them at home. Giddy up!


Matt Moore vs GB

While some may have some faith in Matt Moore commanding the KC offense well enough to produce good fantasy numbers, i’m encouraging you to not do that this week. Green Bay has a formidable pass rush and secondary. Moore is 35 years old and has started 5 games in the past 7 seasons. Wait and see here.

Gardner Minshew vs NYJ

Gardner Minshew has more of a following based on his character than his performances to equate to fantasy football wins. He’s QB17 in one of my FF formats, thrown for 300 yards only once, and never tossed 3 touchdowns in a game. While he’s consistently been solid, he hasn’t taken the next step. This week he faces one of the toughest pass defenses in football.

Baker Mayfield @ NE

New England has been chewing up and spitting out offenses all season. This week they face the disappointing Browns at home. Do you think this is the breakout game for Baker Mayfield? Me neither.



James Conner vs MIA

The 2018 James Conner gave fantasy owners so much hope for the 2019 season. If he’s ever going to show up for a big game, it is this week against Miami. They’ve the worst defense against RB’s in all of FF.

Todd Gurley vs CIN

Gurley has been a RB1, when healthy, for FF owners and getting into the endzone 5 times in his last 3 games. Yet, the community has largely ignored his performances. This week he faces one of the worst run defenses in the NFL. A big game is coming from Gurley, I can sense it.

Saquon Barkley @ DET

Back off of an injury, Barkley had a good game against the Cardinals and that’s without counting a big run called back from a penalty. This week he faces Detroit, who’s in the bottom five of run defenses against RB’s in FF. Plenty of motivation for Barkley to prove himself and that he’s fully back from his injury.


Derrick Henry vs TB

Two weeks ago, Henry had a rough game against a good defense. This week he faces the best run defense in FF that did as good of a job as I’ve seen against Christian McCaffrey last week. Only play Henry if you don’t have any other options.

Chase Edmonds @ NO

It’s one thing to have a breakout game against a good defense, but quite another to do it against the poor Giants. Edmonds plays a stingy Saints run defense that just gave Chicago fits. We also don’t know what’s going on with that backfield as the Cardinals signed two players this week and David Johnson looms.

Nick Chubb @ NE

Nick Chubb is a fine player, who is the only bright spot on an underachieving Browns offense. But they play the elite Patriots defense this week and they’re on the road. At this point, I wouldn’t be confident any player would have a great FF day against that defense.



DeAndre Hopkins vs OAK

I know some have lost faith in Hopkins being elite this year, but let me talk you into it. With Will Fuller out due to an injury, Hopkins should get more targets. He’s coming off of his second best game of the season and faces a bad Oakland secondary who’s the third worst in allowing FF points to WRs.

John Brown vs MIA

The second worst pass defense in FF points allowed meets John Brown this week. He has been very consistent this year and coming off of his second best game of the season. This is a safe play.

Courtland Sutton @ IND

Courtland Sutton has been my guy for the past four years and this week has been a great week for the #brand. Not only has Sutton had a very good season with being a borderline WR1. But the Broncos just traded Manny Sanders away from the team and Denver GM John Elway said “It’s Courtland’s room now.” He also faces a bottom third this week. The stars are aligning.


Terry McLaurin vs SF

McLaurin has performed very well in Washington this year. But the quarterback situation is a mess and they face the hottest defense in the NFL in the 49ers. Pivot away from McLaurin if you can.

Allen Robinson vs NO

Marshon Lattimore has been shutting down top WR’s at an amazing rate lately. This week he faces a starting Quarterback in Mitchell Trubisky who has missed multiple games and will have some rust as well. Not a good combination for great FF results.

Chris Godwin/Mike Evans/TY Hilton/Odell Beckham JR

If you own these players on your redraft or dynasty team, you’re likely automatically starting them. But if you’re playing DFS, you may want to pivot. All of them face top five pass defenses in FF points allowed. Jameis Winston and Baker Mayfield are struggling mightily, which gives less confidence in a great game as well.



Austin Hooper vs SEA

The debate isn’t whether you should start Austin Hooper on your FF team. The debate is when will you not see him as an asset? The Falcons just traded away Mohammed Sanu and more targets are available! He also plays a bottom five pass defense.

Hunter Henry @ CHI

Two weeks in a row and two games with great production from Henry. The Bears defense has been a shell of itself the past two weeks and they haven’t been stingy against TE’s.

Gerald Everett vs CIN

Sometimes things happen that we can’t explain. The Rams has weapons all over the place, but Everett has emerged as a solid TE option. I don’t trust many TE’s this year. So play Everett if you can get him as a value.


Darren Waller @ HOU

Darren Waller crushed it last week with his best FF performance of his career. But he faces a top 5 pass defense against TE’s and one would imagine they give him lots of attention this week.

Greg Olson @ SF

Only one of Olson’s games in his last three has produced solid production. This week he faces an elite defense at stopping TE’s in FF. Need I say more?

Zach Ertz @ BUF

Zach Ertz had a career year in 2018. His 2019 season has left owners wondering about his production, which has continually been trending downward. It culminated last week with a 38 yard performance against the Cowboys. This week he faces a very good defense in Buffalo.