• Tommy Morris

RHOBH: Erika Jayne Has A Soft Side

By: Dina Zarembski

This week we saw a new side of a few of our favorite housewives. We finally saw a softer side of Erika Jayne, and it was refreshing! I love seeing her perform, tell it how it is, and stand strong in her beliefs, but seeing an emotional side of her made me even more obsessed with Erika! The other women love to call Erika’s personality cold, when in reality she is just guarded. Last season we found out this is the first group of girls Erika has ever felt comfortable around and doesn’t feel like she is competing with them. With all this new found trust it looks like we are seeing a more vulnerable side of Erika which makes her even more relatable. Watching Erika cry when she was telling Garcelle about Tom accepting her son with open arms was very emotional to watch. Erika has said it once, and she’ll say it again her husband is a good man! Erika is right, she shouldn’t have to constantly defend her marriage. Any time we see Tom on the show he is exactly as Erika describes; a kind, supportive, older man. Erika Jayne is now starring as Roxie Hart on Broadway, that is a huge accomplishment! Seeing Erika thank Tom for helping her get this role and all of his support was so sweet! We have never seen her and Tom show any emotions, and now we’re seeing him support her and her cry for the second time! It looks like Erika the Ice Queen has been replaced by someone sweeter, and her name is Roxie!

Getting to know Garcelle has been amazing every step of the way! There hasn’t been one episode where she doesn’t talk about vibrators, sex, or men. Her new 5 bedroom house isn’t even finished yet and she is already planning the surfaces she wants to have sex on! We did see a softer side of Garcelle as well when she was talking to Erika about becoming a grandmother, and searching for a new man who can accept her and her children. Hearing Garcelle talk about her husband's affair was sad to watch because you could tell how upsetting it was for her and how hurt she was. But, it was hilarious listening to her tell the story of how she got back at him. Garcelle sure as hell showed him who was boss when she wrote an email to all of their close friends, and his coworkers telling them that her husband was a lying, cheating asshole! That was epic! The best part is the email was leaked to the press! I can’t think of a better way for her ex to wake up than to an email from his wife calling him out on his affair and then finding out it is all over the press. She is one badass chick and I would not want to mess with her after hearing that story!

Teddi, Teddi, Teddi, what are we going to do with you?! I think Teddi is really trying to be more laid back and less uptight than she’s been in the past, but it’s just not working. The ladies constantly give Teddy a hard time because her need to hold everyone accountable seems to get in the way of her friendships. So she wanted to invite the ladies to her retreat so they could see her at work, except the invitation was not very inviting. Teddi was trying to make everyone feel comfortable by letting them know if they can’t make it she’ll understand, or if they can only come for part of the retreat she’ll understand. What Teddi didn’t understand is it seemed like she could care less to have any of the ladies at her retreat, and who wants to go to a retreat

with someone who doesn’t want them there?! I feel bad for Teddi because she is trying to be “laid back” and “chill” and instead she’s just being rude!