• Tommy Morris

RHOBH: Season 10’s New Taglines and New Housewives

By: Dina Zarembski

Kyle Richards - “Around here, there's more than just dresses in everyone’s closet”

So what does this mean for Kyle and this season? Kyle is now the OG of RHOBH, she has been on this show for 10 years, and has laid all of her dirty laundry out for everyone to see, so what could be left in her closet? One of the biggest scandals in Kyle’s history of the show was when she admitted her sister Kim had a drinking problem. This was big news because Kyle was the first one to talk about it publicly. But, after 10 years I don’t think Kyle has any more skeletons left in her closet. I think this tagline is referring to Denise, and why she is going to leave the show. It seems like Denise has more than her own dresses in her closet.

Denise Richards - “My life may not be a fairy tale, but I’ll always get a happy ending”

I can not wait to see what this season has in store for Denies! If this tagline tells us anything it’s that she supports her man and her marriage 100%, regardless of any accusations going on about her right now. We found out last season her husband is some type of holistic therapist. They met when she booked him for a therapy session, and which led to a happy ending, literally. It looks like Denise is standing by her man's side and trying to put these rumors to bed, but that might be a little hard if she won’t be on the show defending herself!

Dorit Kemsley - “I won’t settle for anything less than everything”

We all know Dorit is the queen of over the top luxury, so this tagline comes as no surprise. What this might be referring to is the newest cast member Sutton Stracke, she isn’t officially a housewife yet, but she sure makes Dorit’s life of luxury look like nothing. Sutton has custom tiaras designed for her by Domenico Dolce himself! That is crazy! Dorit you better watch out, it looks like Sutton already owns “everything”.

Lisa Rinna - The secret to life? Dance like everyone's watching”

We all know Lisa Rinna loves to dance, have you seen her instagram? She is never not dancing, so why was she judging Erika for her past as a go-go dancer? Lisa said it herself, what Erika did for a job is exactly what she does on instagram every day, except Erika was getting paid. I think this tagline means we'll be seeing a lot of fun Lisa this season, and even more “own it” Lisa. Meaning anyone with something to hide this season can’t, because the whole world is watching!

Garcelle Beauvias - “Life is an audition, and honey I am getting that part.”

I am so excited for Garcelle to be a part of RHOBH this season! She is new to the show, but an OG when it comes to Hollywood. She is a famous actor and said it herself, she took on New York City at 17, she can take anything these housewives throw at her!

Teddi Mellencamp - “You never know what to expect when I’m expecting”

I hope this means we’re going to see more fun and fire from Teddy this season! This is the first time a Beverly Hills Housewife has been pregnant while on the show and it could mean one of two things. Either Teddy is going to be totally lame because she can’t drink and cry with Kyle this season, or Teddy is finally going to show her true colors and have a lot to say about everyone!

Erika Girardi - “Break a leg? Not in these heels, honey”

Erika is the queen of over the top, so it is only fitting that her tagline refers to her biggest role yet, starring in Chicago on Broadway! Does it get any more prestigious or fabulous for a performer than being on broadway? I don’t think so! Erika Jayne is about to reach the top of her career and we get to come along for the ride this season. She is right, Roxy’s shoes are too hot to break a leg in!