• Tommy Morris

RHONY: The Crazy Yacht Has Sailed

By: Dina Zarembski

Even though Ramona’s house was trashed in the morning, she is still the worst host ever! All she did the entire weekend was complain that the ladies weren’t helping, and comparing them to her other friends. You don’t invite people to your home and expect them to help cook, set up, clean, and basically host themselves the entire weekend. Who wants to go to someone's house and be put to work? They can cook and clean at their own houses! Then, Ramona leave’s her friends at her house to go to another party! My mind was blown when she left, like seriously Ramona you can’t take one night off from your search for a husband? By the looks of it she can’t take her mind off of men for one second. Between the tennis instructor, the dog groomers, and her friend Jeff she invited to girls night, the day was filled with men. Maybe she thinks it will increase her odds of finding a husband if she constantly has men around her? I’m sorry to break it to you Ramona but desperation is no way to find a husband, have a night in with your friends and relax. Who cares if they aren’t as fancy as your other friends, at least they know how to party!

Maybe Leah was right, drinking does not look good on her. What does look amazing on her are those angel wings! Just when we thought the women had enough to talk about with Leah’s name tramp stamped on her back she goes skinny dipping and shows everyone the other tasteful tattoos she has. I don’t think she’ll be able to live this one down. Leah freaking out and throwing the tiki torches like she was in a Game of Thrones battle was hilarious, but only because it wasn’t my house she was trashing! I don’t know what came over her or what those tiki torches ever did to her, but I’m pretty sure that scene was exactly why she stopped drinking. Was it messed up that Ramona had to wake up to her home looking like a frat house? Yes. Was it entertaining as hell watching the ladies destroy her house and scream at each other? Absolutely!

Incase Sonja didn’t know the J.P. Morgan yacht has sailed! Leah said it best, she has no idea who Sonja really is right now, all she talks about is her past. Who is Sonja without her ex husband? The only thing we’ve learned about her lately is that she’s as man crazy as the rest of the women in the house, and her and Leah together are one crazy duo! Sonja needs to stop living in the past and placing such an emphasis on who her ex husband is. Like hello Sonja he has nothing to do with who you are anymore, be your own woman! What we’ve always known and loved about Sonja is that she loves some eye candy. It was a little weird how all the women flirt with the same men and don’t care. It’s like as long as someone gets to have them and have fun they don’t care!