• Tommy Morris

RHONYC: 4 Reasons Why We Love Leah!

By: Dina Zarembski

1. She is born and raised in New York

Leah is a true New Yorker, which is actually rare for most of the women on the show. The majority of the housewives have moved to New York later in their lives, but not Leah. She was born and bred in New York which means she’s no newbie when it comes to the glamour, the chaos, and the drama in NYC. She went to an all girls private school which will definitely come in handy dealing with these ladies. Leah said it herself, if she can handle all the catty rich high school girls these women will be a piece of cake! I sure hope you’re right Leah, we are all rooting for you!

2. She is a total girl’s girl!

It’s already clear to see Leah will always have her friends back! Leah hasn’t been on the show for too long but we’ve already seen her stand up for Tinsley when Dorinda was throwing shade at her. Dorinda has made it obvious that she thinks Tinsley is in an arrangement, and she is disgusted by it. Leah said it herself that Tinsely doesn’t open up to Dorndia because Dornida judges her and calls her a whore. Leah would never do that! She supports her girlfriends and however they choose to get their Gucci clothes!

3. She isn’t boy crazy like the rest of them!

Leah is the only woman on the show who isn’t looking for a new guy every time they go out to dinner or to a party. Leah said she doesn’t find men useful or essential at this point in her life, and to that I say you go girl! Who needs the hassle? Not Leah! When Sonja was trying to flirt with a young, but extremely hot guy at Dorinda’s party Leah was completely unphased. Sonja was drooling over him, and Leah knew he was nothing more than a pretty face and a lousy time in bed. She is A full time mom, has a successful business, and doesn’t need a man slowing her down!

4. She doesn't take crap from anyone and tells it how it is!

We all know Leah has tattoos, and we also know she doesn’t give one crap what the other women have to say about it! When Dorinda made the comment about Leah’s back tattoo and how if anyone forgot her name they could just see it from the back she did not let that slide! Watching Leah stand up for herself was amazing! She knew she was being judged before Dorinda had the chance to get to know her, and she wasn’t going to have it. Leah 100% told it how it is when she said these women must never leave their upper east side 1% bubble. Another reason we love her is because Leah has left the bubble. Hell, she popped it! She spent time in rehab, was sent to a halfway house, she was arrested, and she still came out on top!

Leah took her struggles from her past and her arrest and turned it into a thriving company! This chic won’t let life, or these housewives ever keep her down!