• Tommy Morris

RHONYC: Welcome To The Jungle Leah!

By Dina Zarembski

There’s a new head HBIC in town and her name is LEAH! I am so excited RHONY has finally gotten themselves a true bad ass B! Leah is born and raised in NYC, she tells it how it is, and doesn’t take crap from anyone. So these ladies are in serious trouble! Leah is like the Lala Kent of RHONY, and if any group of women needs a “Lala” to set them straight and show them how a real woman gets it done it is the ladies of New York. Let me count the ways I love this chic, she's young, independent, has an awesome relationship with her daughter and ex, owns her own business, finds men pointless, and has tattoos! OMG tattoos! So scandalous! I really don’t understand why it is so crazy that she has tattoos, it's not like she has a face tattoo, or anything tattooed on her body that is offensive. I think it's hilarious that Sonja and Ramona can’t go two minutes without trying to pick up younger men, but are horrified by tattoos. It is 2020, tattoos are very common. It’s easier to find a hot young guy with tattoos than it is to find a guy with a job! For ladies so man hungry you would think they have seen lots of men with tattoos before!

When it comes to Dorinda, Leah stood her ground defending herself, and was 100% right about why Dorinda and Tinsely aren’t able to be friends. Why would Tinsley want to be friends with someone who calls her a whore? Dorinda is clearly jealous of whatever “arrangement” Tinsley is in! Who cares who buys Tinsley’s clothes, did you see that amazing Chanelle bag she wore to the Hamptons?! Listening to Dorinda cry over her first world problems and all the stress she’s under because of the construction was so laughable! Give me a break Dornida, you can’t be carefree and relaxed on your Hamptons vacation because you got one phone call about your second house!

I can’t believe Luann was appalled by her room, AGAN! She hated the location of her room, the TV in her room, and the temperature of her room, but at least this time there were no fish! I think Ramona really did try to give Luann her own space and tried to make her feel comfortable, but there will never be any pleasing her. You know the entire time she was thinking something like, the basement is no place for a cabaret star! As ridiculous as Luann can be her apology at dinner seemed heartfelt and very long overdue. Lets see how long the new and improved Luann can last.

Ramona’s Hamptons home is beautiful, but she is definitely not the hostess with the mostest. Call me crazy Ramona, but when you host a party you usually need to pick up after your guests. You could have asked for some help bringing the dishes in, since all of your friends are grown adults I am positive they would have helped you! Instead Ramona sat there and bashed all of her friends saying how rude and disrespectful they are for not helping to clean up, and how her other friends would never do something like that! Well Ramona, why don’t you have your 100’s of other Hamptons friends come clean up your house then since you have oh so many of them! We get it, you’re always in the Hamptons so you have a lot of friends there, no need to flaunt it.

Picking up your phone in the middle of dinner to try and show how popular you are is so rude! If she keeps this up she’ll have a few less friends in NYC.