• Tommy Morris

Summer House: Jules is Back

How great was Kyle’s birthday party, aka the Summer House/Southern Charm Frat House?!

I mean, besides the fact that his birthday parties are always filled with drama and end in disaster! I guess Kyle’s birthday was the perfect setting for Carl to take it upon himself to tell Jules and Jordan that he wants them out of the house. Do I think it was rude that the entire house had a meeting behind their back and decided they wanted to vote them off the island? Yes, that was messed up! What is this an episode of Survivor? If Carl wasn’t drunk again it could have been handled in a much better way, like telling Jules privately that she has a place in the house, everyone just can’t handle her fighting with Jordan. I was really rooting for Jules at the beginning of this season, she was so excited to finally have a friend group, and just wanted to be part of the family. I am so happy she is staying and doesn’t have Jordan bringing her down anymore! It didn’t seem like Hannah apologized or realized how rude it was that she didn’t stand up for Jules or care when she was upset. Hannah is the reason why Jules is in the house! All the other girls seem to have a strong enough connection with Jules to comfort her when she’s upset, except for Hannah...We all know Hannah only has one thing on her mind right now, and that’s Luke.

Carl who do you think you are?! I still can’t believe he tried to kick Jules and Jordan out, like Lindsay said if “kicking people out” is really a thing, Carl would be at the top of her list! I really hope Kyle knows what he’s doing, the fate of Lover Boy is in the hands of Lush Boy Carl, and it doesn't look good! OMG, if I were at dinner with Carl at a swanky restaurant, in the Hamptons, and he had the nerve to complain about an “awkward” chair I would be mortified! You are an adult, why do you always need to be the center of attention? Lindsay is right, Carl is upset about D all of the above; him and Sarah not working out, Lindsay winning at life, and Lindsay having Steve come for the weekend. Sadly I think Kyle is right, when Carl has one thing wrong in his life he lets that ruin anything good in his life too.

Side note, I love all of Amanda’s little outfit changes! Kicking off her skirt, flinging her bra, every time I die laughing! She is so cute! No wonder Kyle and her are finally doing better, and doing it.

Who else thinks Paige and Lindsay need to calm down when it comes to Hannah’s life? Paige and Hanna are supposed to be best friends, but why is it that every other minute she’s in her room talking about Hannah?! Now, Paige didn’t actually say anything untrue about Hannah, she just didn’t have her back, and said she’s afraid Hannah is getting played by Luke. In Paige’s defense Hannah is 100% getting played by this guy who has a girlfriend! But, if Hannah wants to have fun and get “fingerbanged”, let her get “fingerbanged”, it’s summer! You only live once right? Shouldn’t your best friend be supporting you, not trying to bring you down or talk behind your back? Paige, give the girl a break, she’s just trying to have fun! Lindsay also needs to back off and stop egging on Hannah and stirring up drama. She definitely wants to start a fight between Hannah, Pagie, and Amanada, but why? Could it be because Linsday wants to keep feeling like the ringleader?