• Tommy Morris

Vanderpump: Kristen Isn't The Worst Aymore

By Dina Z

Please please please tell me this week was just a build up to when Beau finally proposes, Kristen is no longer a Witch of Weho, and Schena finally has a real storyline!

Beau is 100% the BEST person who has ever been on this show! It is so crazy to think that when all this started Stassi was dating cheating machine Jax, and soon she is going to be engaged to one of the most genuine guys I have ever seen. Can you imagine how different her life would be if she stayed with Jax...or if she stayed with the bogus-blogger-boyfriend Patrick?!

She used to date guys who treated her like dirt and now she finally has Beau; a smart, funny, and nice guy! I am so happy she stopped dating losers. Hearing Beau say “The magnificence of the proposal is more important than Stassi’s mental health” is everything! Especially because we all know what happens when you piss off Stassi...I never want to be on the other end of that! Beau is right, not knowing that it’s coming will make his proposal even better. I just hope Stassi can keep her cool long enough for Beau to get down on one knee!

Who thinks that Tom Schwartz and Katie have the weirdest relationship ever?! The other night Tom told his wife that he never has sex with her because she is so unattractive, he disrespected her in front of all of their friends, and all he says is “I’m sorry Bubba” and all is forgiven? What is up with that? It’s weird enough they have to go to Vegas to finally become legally married, but shouln’t they figure out why they aren’t having sex and why they get so viscously mad at each other when they drink? Oh well Katie can forgive Tom for anything he says or does but she can’t seem to forgive Kristen for anything!

Now, do I think Kristen is the absolute worst? Yes, she loves to cause problems, she can’t admit that Carter is a leech and sucking her dry, and she cries every time she has a confrontation with anyone! However, I don’t understand why Katie is still stringing Kristen along. Katie keeps beating around the bush every time she talks to Kristen and can’t tell her how she really feels; that she wishes Kristen wasn't a Witch of Weho!

I honestly never thought I’d say this but I pity Schena, I really do. Now don’t get me wrong, I have spent the majority of this season feeling like she is pretty irrelevant, but now she has me feeling a little guilty. I used to roll my eyes every time she mentioned freezing her eggs, which is anytime she's on camera, but hearing that she’s just doing this incase she meets a guy one day and he maybe wants to have kids with her, that’s just sad. She really is the only one on the show all alone...

Except for all the new young people, who she hates or wants to date. Let’s talk about Brett and Dayna for a minute, and Schena, since she is always involved when she clearly shouldn't be. This will definitely make for some trouble since Dayna just broke up with Max, and Schena feels like she has a claim on any guy who works at SUR or Tom Tom, but honestly I can’t wait! On a scale of 1-10 Brett is a 10, and compared to Max he is like a 25! Not only is Brett hot AF, but Dayna seemed to open.