• Tommy Morris

Vanderpump Rules: Are Witches of Weho No More?

By: Dina Zarembski

I don’t know about you guys, but this week’s episode has left me with a whirlwind of emotions! All I want to do is tell Stassi to stop acting crazy! You’re about to be engaged in less than 24 hours, take a chill pill. When it comes to Beau I just want to give him a hug because you can see on his face he is so stressed out trying to make sure this proposal is perfect! Even though she can get a little dramatic, I can totally see where Stassi is coming from when she gets upset over Beau and Kristien’s friendship. We are talking about a girl who was once Stassi’s best friend, lied to her face for an entire season about banging her boyfriend, and then finally admitted to banging Jax multiple times. I would never be able to forgive someone like, let alone trust them again. So I can see why Stassi gets freaked out every time Beau mentions him wanting to have a friendship with Kristen. However, the poor guy is just trying to see if Kristen and Stassi will ever get over this fight and if he should invite her to the surprise dinner after the proposal. It is pretty funny to see Stassi freak out on Beau almost every other second because she’s feeling insecure and sad that they aren’t engaged yet. When behind the scenes we all know Beau is about to propose and is putting so much thought into making her happy. Beau needs to hurry up and propose already, because like he said all this planning and trying to make Stassi happy is just making her crazy!

I also had a pretty good laugh watching the entire Witches of Weho launch, it was so awkward! I have never seen three people who couldn’t agree less on their business, and then they had to lie about it for an interview. There is Katie who likes having a wine line, but actually likes knitting at home more, so she could care less to work with someone she doesn’t like. Then there is Kristen who is passionate about this business and her partners, which seems to be because this is the only opportunity she has right now. Finally there is Stassi, who is the most successful one out of the group, which means she could care less about this wine. Hello, the girl has a New York Times Best Seller, and created the hashtag Outfit Of The Day, or #OOTD! Stassi doesn’t need a wine company, this was an opportunity to work with her friends, but now that the Witches of Weho have broken up what’s the point?

Watching Schena try and talk to Dayna tonight made me feel all kinds of ways! I was sad, empathetic, horrified, and embarrassed all at the same time! I really think Schena was trying to do something nice for Dayna when she offered to have a psychic come do a reading for her birthday. I actually felt really bad for both her and Dayna at that moment, they had both experienced a loss and Schena was trying to do something sweet. However, this was not very well thought out on Scehana’s part and watching Dayna pretty much say thanks but no thanks was so awkward! It was actually cringeworthy to watch because the situation went so poorly! Although Schena had experienced the loss of a loved one she has never lost a parent, and Dayna had every right to point out how much of a different experience that is. Then watching Schena lie about already having the psychic at Dayna’s house was the worst! Come on Schena, stop digging yourself into the same hole you always do by trying to lie your way out of a situation! If Schena had just told Dayna the psychic was already on her way, but they could call her and cancel it would have been no big deal! Instead Schena lies to Dayna for like the millionth time and Dayna sees the psychic walking up the steps to her apartment! I do feel bad because this was supposed to be a kind gesture on Schena’s part, but once again her not telling the whole truth turned the situation into a bit of an ambush for Dayna. It seems like Schena is trying to build a friendship with Dayna, but it is hard when they take two steps forward and one step back every time!