• Tommy Morris

Vanderpump Rules: Tom and Katie’s Wedding Part 2

By Dina Zarembski

The MVP of tonight's episode is LVP! Watching Lisa pay for Tom and Katie’s private jet, their luxury hotel suite, and any other expense to officially get these two married was amazing! I think everyone should take a page from Tom and Katie’s book because they have now had two luxurious weddings. The first wedding was beautiful and romantic and LVP officated it, and the second wedding was fun and whimsical and LVP paid for it! Does it get any better than that?! Even though Tom screwed up big time by never getting their marriage certificate I think he and Katie actually lucked out! Jax said it best, their Vegas wedding was 100% on brand for Tom and Katie. The Tom’s love a good costume party, so seeing Schwartz dressed up as a cowboy and Katie dressed up as his hot rocker bride was perfect! Let’s not forget how hilarious it was to see Stassi as a nun and Tom Sandoval as an Elvis priest officiating their wedding. This wedding was perfect and ended in an actual marriage license...until Tom lost it!

Let’s talk about the best prank Lisa has ever pulled, and Tom’s extremely weird reaction to it. Lisa leaving her bra in Tom's luggage was absolutely hilarious! We all saw Tom freaking out wondering if he had done anything bad lately, and watching him sweat with worry had me dying laughing. Poor Tom must have been having a heart attack when Katie said she didn’t think she could marry him anymore! Watching Tom find out the bra was Lisa’s was funny but a little weird. He was relieved, but super turned on that the bra belonged to Lisa. It would have been creepy if Tom kept her bra like he wanted to, but Katie did say Lisa can be Tom’s Hall Pass! So if your wife gives you the okay I guess it’s not that bad! I bet Tom is right though and her bra smells like diamonds and roseé, she is Lisa Vanderpump after all.

Speaking of having a crush on Lisa, Brett has now mentioned how much he loves Lisa and finds her attractive in almost every episode! I think it’s cute that Brett has a crush on Lisa, she does flirt with him all the time so who can blame him, but it seems like he is very smitten with her. He constantly says how there is just something about her, how he loves when she walks into the room, and that if she wasn’t married he would slide into her DM’s. Easy there Brett, if you make the boss angry there is no way you’ll be able to keep dating all these girls at SUR! It looks like Brett has now friendzoned Charli and Schena and is moving on to Dayna. After Dayna’s birthday party they might have a connection, but is she just getting herself into the same situation she was in with Max? We’re just going to have to wait and see what happens!

I also want to discuss two small but important details about tonight's episode. The first being that James sober is a completely new person, what difference two weeks makes! I hope his sobriety lasts because he is actually enjoyable to watch now. I like seeing him having conversations instead of just screaming and at Raquel all the time. Second, Max hooking up with the Schena look alike was epic! This girl works at one of Lisa’s restaurants, serves their entire group two days in a row, looks and acts exactly like Schena, and Max gives her his number. What a great way to show Schena that you and her are just friends!