• Tommy Morris

What I Remember This Weekend

By Brandon Rush @BrandonRush

At the conclusion of every week of football I always think to myself “what will I remember from this weekend”. Sometimes it’s a nifty play design or a play-by-play announcers call or an incredible catch or a crazy statistical performance or an upset win.

North Texas' QB Mason Fine after throwing 7 TDs

This week, BY FAR, it will be North Texas quarterback Mason Fine doing his postgame media availability in an inflatable Tyrannosaurus Rex costume. In a year that I predicted would be the one that will gain him national notoriety for his on-field play, a Halloween costume made of plastic and swirling wind will be remembered more than his seven (!!!!!!) touchdown day in a 52-26 rout of UTEP.

Whoever the person is that is in charge of Combine invites needs to send one to Denton just because I would love to see what other costumes he would break out during the team interviews. Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll took his shirt off when they met with DK Metcalf in Indianapolis, and they ended up drafting him. CAN YOU IMAGINE seeing Bill Belichick in and inflatable cosplay getup to impress an undersized Power 6 conference quarterback?

I, for one, am here for it.

Baker Mayfield gets hit vs the Broncos.

The Browns have broken Baker Mayfield. When the team arrived at the stadium on Sunday, Baker had his normal scruff beard thingy working, yet when he came out for pregame warmups, he was rocking a full Fu Manchu like he was a guitar tech for Lynyrd Skynyrd. THEN after a pitiful loss to the Broncos, Bake attended his postgame interview with a mustache looking like a down on his luck shoe salesman that works in a mall on the bad side of town.


Jake Fromm gains yards against the Gators.

With Florida’s loss to Georgia on Saturday we have had four consecutive weeks of at least one Top 10 college football team losing, and are guaranteed to have another one when Alabama and LSU face off this weekend. We haven’t had a “Mayhem Week” where three to five Top 10 teams drop, so this trend may be the storyline for 2019. I get the feeling we are headed to the College Football Playoff with three one loss teams.

Also, I learned this weekend that Megan Mullen, wife of Florida Gators head coach Dan Mullen, gives every player a hug or kiss as they come off the bus before they enter the stadium on game day. You know how when teams win a trophy and everyone does the obligatory photo op where they are kissing it, and if you look you see smudge marks from the 20 people who kissed the trophy before him, so you essentially made out with your teammates?

Just make sure you aren’t the last one off the bus, I guess.

Quick Thoughts Jimmy G was shooting his shot with Erin Andrews in his postgame interview on Fox… Houston ran so many misdirection plays that the Jaguars defense thought they were playing in Florida, not London… The Jets should fire Adam Gase. Losing to a team that is purposefully tanking is unfathomable. For what its worth, Jason Garrett should be in the firing range as well seeing as how his Dallas Cowboys team lost to the Jets… Remember when Chicago’s biggest issue was needing a kicker? Ahhh, simpler times…