• Tommy Morris

What I Remember This Weekend Nov 11

@BrandonRush tells you what he remembered from this weekend:

LSU beats Alabama for the first time in 8 years.

They say every underdog has its day, well that day was a whole dang weekend.

LSU, Minnesota, Appalachian State, Tulsa, and Illinois were notable underdogs who won outright, Iowa State almost completed the massive comeback in a narrow one-point loss as a double-digit underdog against Oklahoma, and not to be outdone the NFL sat back and said, “hold my beer”.

Underdogs went 7-3 against the spread this week, including five outright upset wins. Atlanta and Tennessee were probably the most shocking of those, and I am willing to bet I know no one who is alive in their Survivor Pools thanks to the upsets over New Orleans and Kansas City respectively.

Just how out of whack are things right now in the NFL? In November, the Jets and Falcons each have a win, Miami has two, and the New England Patriots have ZERO. What is this world coming to?

The Golden Gophers are 9-0

What a great weekend it was for football fans in Minnesota. The Gophers are 9-0 for the first time since the Wright Brothers took flight and the Vikings earned a good road win at Dallas. PJ Fleck’s squad still has some work to do before they can punch their ticket to Indy for the Big Ten tile game against Ohio State, but if they get there its rounds of Duck, Duck, Gray Duck and Juicy Lucy burgers for everyone don’t cha know.

LSU’s win over Alabama in Tuscaloosa kind of felt like it was their Bowl Game, based off the way they celebrated on the field and in the locker room, it may have been their only goal in 2019. Good news for the Tigers is they can pretty much sit on cruise control until December and the SEC Championship game and position themselves for the College Football Playoff.

I wonder what is on Ed Orgeron’s Christmas list. I assume the only items listed are boxes of throat lozenges, deodorant, and for a Cajun to English function to be built into Google Translate. Ok, that last one is for me.

Alabama loses, the New England Patriots haven’t won this month, and the Golden State Warriors are dead naked last in the NBA’s Western Conference. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE.

Quick Thoughts Lamar Jackson shredded the Bengals so well that its hard to tell where the stripes on their jerseys stop and the bruises on their backsides end… Ohio State pulled off one of the great onside kicks of all time in a game where they didn’t even need it… Philip Rivers JUST threw another interception, like this very instant as you are reading this… Dak Prescott’s pregame stretching routine set to music is the meme every one didn’t know they needed… The Colts have missed so many kicks this year it seems as if “Vinatieri” is Italian for “you should go for two”…